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keeping track of 12+ RP server characters.
Tarvorres Noonshade 
1st-Oct-2007 07:48 pm
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The name Tarvorres comes from an Aramaic man's name, Tavor, which means 'misfortune.' Her surname, Noonshade, is almost certainly a false one.

Now working out of the Sin'dorei capital of Silvermoon as a fence for the Blacksong Buccaneers, Tarvorres is a lady with a complicated past.

Before the attack of the Scourge, five years ago, she was living with her lover in Silvermoon, having just given birth to a son. Her employment, while gainful, was almost never lawful, and in her attempts to dodge the Arcane Defenders and the magisters, she was late almost every night.

Her lover, a jealous man by nature, suspected her of having an affair. She was out late, she couldn't explain why, and she constantly had plenty of cash- what else could it be? He left her, kidnapping their son, and when the Scourge came, all hope of locating the pair came to nothing. She does not even know if they are alive or dead, and though she could care less for the lover, she holds the mourning for her lost child deep in her heart.

Having pulled herself up from losing everything in the wake of the Scourge, Tarvorres has thrown herself headlong into her work. She is an alchemist, a chef, a cutpurse, and a lockpick. She maintains a cover as the personal servant and errand girl of Lady Xavière Candelas, a warlock. She was recommended by Blood Knight Initiate Oriele Starshower, who owes her a great many mysterious and private debts.
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