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keeping track of 12+ RP server characters.
Enmai Dawnstar 
24th-Aug-2007 02:33 am
writer face
Enmai is the younger sister of the Mage, Enju, who studied at Dalaran Academy in the years before the fall of Silvermoon. Their parents died many years ago in a sea accident, and her brother is her only family. She loves him more deeply than she can express.

Her sense of humor and general mannerisms are similiar to that of most Sin'dorei. Perhaps less similar are her discomfort with her people's turning against the Light, and her attitude toward warlocks, Blood Knights, and the Forsaken, which is one of general disdain to mask foreboding and a deep sense of wrong.

She is an alchemist, a student of first aid, and above all a priest. Healing and helping her people, along with Enju's endless worrying, are the things in her life which give her the motivation to fight against her addictions to both Bloodthistle and mana.

Enmai aims to be a flirt, but is in reality wary of romance, and tends to restrict it to people who cannot respond.
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