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keeping track of 12+ RP server characters.
Niabi Tairei 
23rd-Aug-2007 04:07 am
writer face
Niabi is a young Draenei hunter, just barely come of age. Her elderly father died in the Exodar's crash on Azeroth, and she does not remember her mother. She likes reptiles, especially serpents, dragonhawks and raptors. Her hobby is cooking, and she practices first aid and enchantments obsessively.

Apprenticed to Tanyu, Niabi is a very earnest student of medicine. She's very earnest about a lot of things, and her tendency to be excitable gets her into trouble more often than not.

She's a little shy about speaking Common, and switches back to Draenei whenever possible.

In both languages, Niabi enjoys making horrible, horrible puns.
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