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keeping track of 12+ RP server characters.
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16th-Aug-2007 10:47 am - RP Server Characters? XD Ha!
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Odessarine was my first one, and she's now level 40 and prancing around IF on her fancy warhorse.

Then I have Enmai, Oriele, Niabi, Slovakya, Mercedes, and Darlissa.

Odessarine, being the oldest, has the most comprehensive background story:

Born and raised in the Lordaeron area, her father fell to the Scourge, and her mother joined the Scarlet Crusade. As the Crusaders slowly went mad around her, Dessa tried to persuade her mother to leave- to no avail.

On her own, she fled the Monastery, and put her paladin training to use as a freelance knight. While she hates the undead, Forsaken and Scourge alike, with all her heart, she's not crazy.

TBC when I'm not on my way to work.
15th-Aug-2007 01:06 am - claimed for FIRST!
me kind of
Well having 12+ RP server characters is a bit of a lie because I'd only seriously RP with maybe five of them.

I think Tanyu, Xavière, Enju, Irian, Slovak, and mayyyybe Morcef. Perhaps Gytha if I get her past level 20.

I'd love to RP as Candide, but she's on that pesky PvE server and I'm not paying another $25 to get her to RP.

I'll do bios for all my RP characters though, but I think only the ones mentioned above will get any sort of "story thus far" things written about them.
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