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31st-Oct-2007 12:47 am - Kyrios
me kind of
Just posting to remind myself that Tanyu's sprite darter is named Kyrios. Also of note that she's finally learning to cook for RP reasons since Kyrios is an unrepentant carnivore. He also likes to sleep in her herb bag and fly dangerously close to her hooves.

I also think he is named for her missing fiancee (isn't it fiance for women and fiancee for men?),
but this may or may not be important.
13th-Oct-2007 09:46 am - The Auction House
writer face
Tarvorres stared at Auctioneer Yarly in disgust.

"What do you mean they're up to three gold?"

"Just as I said," the undead replied blithely. "All the Agile Boots currently availiable are being auctioned by one Phillipus for three gold, thirty three silver."

"But that's over one-thousand percent markup," Tarvorres was incredulous. "They go for twenty silver at the Sepulcher."

"Fools and money are quickly parted." He smirked. "I seem to recall a certain Sin'dorei selling them for eighty-five silver a pair just yesterday. Master Phillipus purchased them from you, if memory serves- and promptly relisted them at the current price."

She wasn't sure what was worse, the smugness of the Forsaken, or their smell.

"Fine. Two pairs, ninety silver each. If I can't sell them to actual customers, I want to at least cut into that bastard's margins. How's the Defias gear looking?"

"Still thirty a slot, my lady. Have you a bid?"

"You know I don't, Yarly, don't be cheeky."

"I haven't any cheek to give, Mistress Noonshade. They've rotted off."

Ugh. Undead humor.

"I ought to go into the black market vanity pet business. How are moths selling these days?"

"Holding steady at four gold. Purchasable only from vendors in the Exodar and Shattrath. How do you plan on securing them, if I may ask?"

"Never you mind. Keep your eye on that for me, Yarly. I'll be back."
1st-Oct-2007 10:36 pm - Enju Dawnstar
me kind of
Enju is the elder of the Dawnstar siblings and takes his role as big brother very seriously. Enju and Enmai's parents were a former ranger of Silvermoon (father) and mage (mother), who retired from their former careers and became merchants. They ran a successful company until their accident at sea which took both parents' lives and left Enmai emotionally scarred.

Enju who was studying at Dalaran rushed home to collect his sister and take her to Dalaran to study and so he could keep an eye on her. Things didn't work out and she was sent to Silvermoon a few (months? years?)later. After the fall of Quel'Thalas, Enju returned home to find his sister once again but this time he would not return to Dalaran.

The magical addiction has hit him hard. Enju always had a harder time dealing with it than other Blood Elves, his attempts to curb the urge to mana tap usually leaves him feeling listless and constantly fatigued. Although he works hard to prove his worth to his new allies, Enju has frequently taken long sabbaticals to rejuvenate from over work and stress.

Enju's one wish is to rebuild Silvermoon and heal the desecrated scar of land in Quel'Thalas. He does not have any interest in abandoning Azeroth for Outland so he distrusts the words of the Grand Magister. Rather than speak openly against the current administration, he seeks to gain access to Outland and see the land that his Prince has abandoned his homeland for with his own eyes.
me kind of
Xavière (alt 138 for accent) is a name from a book/comic called "Aline and the Others." Lots of good French names in there.

The candela (symbol: cd) is the SI base unit of luminous intensity (that is, power emitted by a light source in a particular direction, with wavelengths weighted by the luminosity function, a standardized model of the sensitivity of the human eye).

Her family was what we would consider Nouveau Rich as her father was an ordinary laborer with an excellent work ethic and an even better grasp of money. Her mother was a member of Quel’dorei nobility, the proud penniless kind that racked up bills and used their name to get out of paying them. She was disowned for eloping with a commoner despite his fat wallet.

Growing up with two pragmatic and self sufficient parents, Xavière developed a similar outlook on life. She often worked with her father even as a child. Her love of shiny things and her small stature made her perfect for sniffing out precious veins of metals. Her mother insisted that she be classically trained as a mage though, and when she was not making extra money for her father Xavière was learning about the Arcane from the best tutors money could buy.

Xavière's relationship with her parents and other family members was normal. Her father ran the business and everyone else was dedicated to making it as successful as possible. This arrangement suited everyone just fine until Xavière was offered a job maintaining the spires of Eversong. Eager to try something new and be a little more independent, Xavière moved to her own apartment in Silvermoon and began training at the Sunspire.

During the attack on Quel'Thalas, Xavière was actually in Dalaran studying forbidden lore. Although she excelled at Arcane studies and applied it creatively to her career, she found that school of magic boring. As a child she had been scolded for showing an interest in Demonic magic, but as an adult few people would bother to interrupt her studies. If she wasn't working Xavière was studying.

Upon returning to Silvermoon, Xavière learned that her family had been wiped out by the Scourge and she was the sole heir of her family estate. What was left of it that is. Now Xavière devotes herself to accumulating wealth for her own needs, destroying the Scourge and rebuilding her father's business one step at a time. Having abandoned the Arcane for Demonic magic, she does not attempt to hide her addiction to fel energy. Her interest in Outland is purely motivated by curiosity and business. Lots of wealth to find, lots of energy to feast upon. Sounds like paradise.
1st-Oct-2007 07:48 pm - Tarvorres Noonshade
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The name Tarvorres comes from an Aramaic man's name, Tavor, which means 'misfortune.' Her surname, Noonshade, is almost certainly a false one.

Now working out of the Sin'dorei capital of Silvermoon as a fence for the Blacksong Buccaneers, Tarvorres is a lady with a complicated past.

Before the attack of the Scourge, five years ago, she was living with her lover in Silvermoon, having just given birth to a son. Her employment, while gainful, was almost never lawful, and in her attempts to dodge the Arcane Defenders and the magisters, she was late almost every night.

Her lover, a jealous man by nature, suspected her of having an affair. She was out late, she couldn't explain why, and she constantly had plenty of cash- what else could it be? He left her, kidnapping their son, and when the Scourge came, all hope of locating the pair came to nothing. She does not even know if they are alive or dead, and though she could care less for the lover, she holds the mourning for her lost child deep in her heart.

Having pulled herself up from losing everything in the wake of the Scourge, Tarvorres has thrown herself headlong into her work. She is an alchemist, a chef, a cutpurse, and a lockpick. She maintains a cover as the personal servant and errand girl of Lady Xavière Candelas, a warlock. She was recommended by Blood Knight Initiate Oriele Starshower, who owes her a great many mysterious and private debts.
writer face
That my least favorite race is the elf.

I do not know why every guy on TB who plays a Night Elf has decided to have a thing for Draenei chicks. Actually- most of the guys in my guild are either married to Draenei girls or just find them hot. -_-; That doesn't bother me.

What bothers me is the sheer number of asshats who decide to make jokes about showing me their own purple viper, or use their /dance emote to hump my leg. Niabi is young enough and bad enough at Common to dodge a lot of innuendo, but as her player, I am disgusted.

Lord Varrack has advised Niabi that if a man has a purple viper in his pants, the best thing she can do for him is to give him a sharp kick in the groin. Having a snake in one's trousers is very dangerous and the venom leads to mental instability. Clearly, beating them to death would be a mercy.

Niabi (36.5) has acquired a bad-tempered Mudrock Tortise named Eshkol (Hebrew, 'grape clusters'). I've decided her white moccasin from Zul'Farrack will probably be named Eglantine.
24th-Aug-2007 02:33 am - Enmai Dawnstar
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Enmai is the younger sister of the Mage, Enju, who studied at Dalaran Academy in the years before the fall of Silvermoon. Their parents died many years ago in a sea accident, and her brother is her only family. She loves him more deeply than she can express.

Her sense of humor and general mannerisms are similiar to that of most Sin'dorei. Perhaps less similar are her discomfort with her people's turning against the Light, and her attitude toward warlocks, Blood Knights, and the Forsaken, which is one of general disdain to mask foreboding and a deep sense of wrong.

She is an alchemist, a student of first aid, and above all a priest. Healing and helping her people, along with Enju's endless worrying, are the things in her life which give her the motivation to fight against her addictions to both Bloodthistle and mana.

Enmai aims to be a flirt, but is in reality wary of romance, and tends to restrict it to people who cannot respond.
23rd-Aug-2007 04:07 am - Niabi Tairei
writer face
Niabi is a young Draenei hunter, just barely come of age. Her elderly father died in the Exodar's crash on Azeroth, and she does not remember her mother. She likes reptiles, especially serpents, dragonhawks and raptors. Her hobby is cooking, and she practices first aid and enchantments obsessively.

Apprenticed to Tanyu, Niabi is a very earnest student of medicine. She's very earnest about a lot of things, and her tendency to be excitable gets her into trouble more often than not.

She's a little shy about speaking Common, and switches back to Draenei whenever possible.

In both languages, Niabi enjoys making horrible, horrible puns.
18th-Aug-2007 12:29 am - a letter
me kind of
It was crowded in Orgrimmar. Xavière threaded her way through the multitude of peddlers and adventurers and stopped in front of the mailbox. She exchanged a slightly creased letter with a medium sized coin purse and grinned.

"Tonight you feast on Kal'dorei souls my dear..."

"Bronxia said she wanted a keg of Dwarven stout to go with her dinner," Zhar'moth rumbled.

Xavière counted her earnings, "I think we can handle that. And maybe some ice cream for the little guy. He's been very good lately. Hardly ever bites anyone."

She walked to the tavern and waved to the innkeeper.

"Hey! There aren't any chairs in this place? What the hell?"
17th-Aug-2007 09:29 pm - Tanyu
me kind of
As my main alliance RP character, Tanyu also has a pretty extensive background. She was a baby when the Draenei fled Argus. Her supposed memories of the place are really just from stories her parents told her. She actually enjoyed traveling around a a child, not really realizing that her people were fleeing their demonic cousins.

On Draenor, Tanyu grew up with her Vindicator father and Arcanist/teacher mother. Tanyu's father trained her to use a staff, but she had no interest in the military. She preferred books over weapons and became an excellent physician and surgeon with a thriving practice before the orcs became fel-tainted.

Tanyu has always loved being around nature and plants. She enjoys studying the relationship between people and plants and uses them in her practice. She was well known in her city for combining modern medicine with more traditional healing practices.

Tanyu also had a fiancee, he was a vindicatior serving under her father. When the orcs pillaged their city, he and Tanyu were separated and she does not know if he is alive or dead. Her parents were killed in the siege.
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